3 sneaky cats were the true VIPs at the G20 summit this year From Russian President Vladimir Putin to U.S. President Barack Obama, there is no shortage of world leaders at the tenth annual G20 summit in Turkey this year. But the real VIPs are much shorter — and furrier. See also: Domineering cat holds dog's leash and won't let him go play Three cats managed to wander onto the stage at the summit, sniffing at the fake flowers and appearing totally unconcerned about interrupting the heads of government. World leaders walk on stage of Antalya #G20, before their human servants show up. #KediLobisi #Cats #CatsWorld. — Piero Castellano (@PieroCastellano) November 15, 2015 So you're planning an important international summit, just remember: Cats don't care about your plans. They will do whatever the hell they want. Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. window._msla=window.loadScriptAsync||function(src,id){if(document.getElementById(id))return;var js=document.createElement('script');;js.src=src;document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0].parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}; _msla("//","twitter_jssdk");